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Syrian minister urges Kuwaiti investors to invest in Syria

By Imad Al-Askar (with photo) DAMASCUS, Aug 24 (KUNA) -- Syrian Industry Minister Fuad Isa Juni urged on Sunday Kuwaiti investors to invest in his country, affirming that his industry would facilitate all procedures for Kuwaiti investors.
Speaking to KUNA, Juni revealed that Kuwaiti plastic pipes investments have reached SYP 476 million here, adding that other Kuwaiti ventures included the investments in the industrial paints with SYP 97 million were invested. (1 SYP= USD 0.0195).
Regarding the draft law to reform the industrial sector in Syria, Juni stressed that the law was discussed by the national economic committee which modified it, however, the law would take a year period to be implemented.
The public industrial sector is in desperate need for modification and reform, revealed the Syrian minister, adding that the sector must be given more freedoms in order to operate in a manner similar to its private counterpart.
Juni said that Syrian companies, which suffered losses, could resume operations with the help of the government, adding that Syrian senior officials would more look into the issue soon.
On the importance of scientific research for local companies, Juni revealed that his ministry has called on companies to put scientific research on its top priorities before embarking on any project. The ministry would help fund these specialized researches and the whole process in going in a positive direction, concluded Juni. (end) ak.wd.gta KUNA 242009 Aug 08NNNN