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MNF forces detain nine Hezbollah suspects in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Aug 12 (KUNA) -- Nine suspects believed to be associated with Hezbollah organization were detained in the past 24 hours during raid operations executed by Multi-National Forces (MNF) north of Baghdad, the MNF said in a statement Tuesday.
According to information given by suspects in custody, the MNF forces detained an activist, believed to be a major leader involved in smuggling weapons and fighters across the Iraq-Iran border along with three associates, the statement added.
In a separate operation in the Baghdad district of Al-Adhamiyah, the MNF forces arrested "another suspected terrorist with two accomplices who were said to be involved in manufacturing improvised explosive devices and rocket attacks." The MNF forces also caught another Hezbollah element who designed the organization electronic website and coordinated propaganda.
The MNF believe these groups are receiving funding and logistics support from Iran.
They are also believed to receive guidance from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps -- Quds Force, the statement said.(end) ahh.sab KUNA 121031 Aug 08NNNN