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Iraqi Islamic Party targeted in explosive attack

BAGHDAD, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi Islamic Party stated on Saturday that an attack by an improvised explosive device targeted one of the party leaders, after being planted on his car, west of Baghdad.
In a statement, Secretary General of the party and Iraqi Vice President Tareq Al-Hashimi said that the attack targeted Iyad Al-Jabbouri, along with two of his aides: Abubakr Abdulaziz Al-Rawi and Falah Hassan.
The explosives were planted under their car, while the three were attending Friday prayers.
Al-Rawi was killed, while Al-Jabbouri and Hassan were severely injured in the incident.
The statement regarded the attack as a renewed threat to security and safety in the country, indicating that organized crime still benefits from a large scale of freedom.
Al-Hashimi called on authorities and security forces to practice their role effectively and bring the offenders to justice as a result of their wrongdoings towards the Iraqi people.
Yesterday, a security source confirmed that an improvised explosive device planted on a vehicle also claimed the life of a civilian, injuring two others in southwestern Baghdad. (end) mjg.rj.sd KUNA 021944 Aug 08NNNN