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Three Sahwa members killed by militant fire in N. Baghdad

BAGHDAD, July 24 (KUNA) -- Three members of the local anti-Qaeda groups known as the "Sahwa" or Awakening Party, were killed on Thursday when unidentified militants launched an attack in Adhamiyah, northern Baghdad.
Deputy Leader of Sahwa, Riyadh Hadi Mohsen, told KUNA that militants in a small car opened fire on two members of Sahwa in Adhamiya.
The militants tried to escape as civilians blocked their way, causing the injury of one before they got away.
Iraqi operations spokesperson, Major General Qassem Attah, told KUNA that a team operation discovered a large quantity of weapons in Al-Sadr city.
He added that the team also arrested 10 wanted suspects during inspections in the city. (end) ahh.asa KUNA 241205 Jul 08NNNN