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Three Al-Qaeda leaders surrender to Iraqi, coalition forces

BAGHDAD, July 24 (KUNA) -- US forces in Iraq said on Thursday that three suspected terrorists surrendered to Iraqi security and coalition forces.
The US army statement said that Al-Qaeda leader of the Sinjar area surrendered to the Iraqi Army for reconciliation in Kirkuk July 5.
The suspect is reportedly involved in terrorist and foreign fighter facilitation and a leader of rocket and improvised explosive device cells.
In Rutbah, a suspected Al-Qaeda leader in the region turned himself in to coalition forces. The suspect is known to facilitate foreign fighters, weapons and narcotics. He is said to be well connected to Al-Qaeda networks in various regions and finances criminal groups coming into Iraq.
He is also associated with another Al-Qaeda leader in the area, reportedly responsible for executing members of the Iraqi government and Iraqi security forces, smuggling, hijacking, and carjacking.
The statement added that a third suspected terrorist cell leader surrendered to US special forces July 19 in Sinjar, following an operation to detain him at his home two days prior to that.
The suspect is reportedly an immediate subordinate to the suspect who turned himself on July 5, and is thought to be related to a Syrian-based financier for Al-Qaeda in Iraq. (end) ahh.asa KUNA 241029 Jul 08NNNN