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More than 1,100 militants put down arms in Saladin province -- MNF

BAGHDAD, July 24 (KUNA) -- Saladin province saw more than 1,100 former Iraqi combatants reconciled with local security and Multi-National Forces (MNF) since May, according to the coalition force on Thursday.
About 1,100 combatants turned themselves into coordination centers as part of the government and Iraqi-US joint forces efforts, MNF said in a statement.
Men who are thought to have committed crimes are given a court date, so they can plead their cases before the Iraqi law, the statement added.
Meanwhile, more than 700 men reconciled in the city of Balad alone in a bid to clear their names, where 76 men have been given court dates to appear before an Iraqi judge.
MNF and Iraqi security forces discovered hidden weapons caches in cooperation with the Iraqis combatants who recently join the reconciliation operation.
Tikrit, the capital of Saladin province, saw similar security progress, where 400 Iraqi militants handed over their weapons.
The number of reconciled Iraqis doubled in the city of Bijji in the past few days, it said.
Saladin province is witnessing a restive security situation compared to other Iraqi cities and provinces such as Diyala and Mosul. (end) ahh.sab KUNA 241024 Jul 08NNNN