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"Hezbollah in Iraq" member arrested in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, July 21 (KUNA) -- The Multi-National Forces (MNF) captured on Monday a suspected propaganda specialist of the Hezbollah Organization during a raid in the New Baghdad district, according to an MNF statement.
MNF forces targeted the location of a suspected propaganda expert affiliated with the "Hezbollah in Iraq" based on intelligence information, the statement added.
Iraqi detainees provided information which indicated the man uploads video streams to web sites documenting attacks targeting Iraqi and MNF forces.
Reports indicated this is part of a propaganda effort to earn money and support from Iranian financiers.
The operation did not resulted in any causality, the statement said.
MNF forces accused the Hezbollah in Iraq of being affiliated with and receiving training from Iranian outfits.(end) ahh.sab KUNA 211203 Jul 08NNNN