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Suicide bomber kills four soldiers in Mosul

IRBIL, July 18 (KUNA) -- Four Iraqi soldiers were killed and seven others sustained injuries as a suicide bomber in a car targeted their patrol vehicles in northern Mosul, an Iraqi army source told KUNA here on Friday.
The resultant explosion damaged two patrol vehicles and about ten civilian cars parked nearby where the incident took place, said the source.
In another occurrance the official spokesman for the leadership of security operations in the city of Nineva Brigadier Khalid Abdulsattar indicated that a company of Iraqi soldiers, located in Mosul, were able today to arrest Waleed Awad Fathi in the neighborhood known as Hay Sumer in the southeastern part of the city of Mosul. Fathi has been wanted by police for being implicated in a number of crimes and was arrested on tips indicating his whereabouts at a particular tenement in the city, said Abdulsattar.
Another company of Iraqi soldiers were also able today to arrest three wanted men as the soldiers carried out two security operations in the areas of Mahlabiya and Talaafar, west of the city of Mosul, he said.
Furthermore, an explosive charge went off today at Touzkhormato, in southern Kirkuk, damaging a vehicle used by workers whose job was to protect oil facilities in the region, and injuring four of them. (end) sbr.ajs KUNA 181849 Jul 08NNNN