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Three policemen, seven gunmen, civilian killed N. Iraq - police

IRBIL, July 12 (KUNA) -- Iraqi police said on Saturday that three of its members, a civilian and seven gunmen were killed in separate hostilities in the cities of Mosul and Kirkuk northern Iraq.
An Iraqi Police source told KUNA that unknown gunmen opened fire on a police patrol in an area center of Mosul today, resulting in the killing of two policemen and wounding another.
The source also pointed out that one civilian was killed today in an explosive device that was planted on the roadside in the area of Ain Shams central Mosul.
Another policeman was killed in an explosive device blast at al-Ayadhiya area of Tal Afar district west of Mosul, the source added.
Meanwhile, a source at Kirkuk Police said seven armed men belonging to what he described as "a Sunni terrorist group" were killed, including two ranked as leaders, as a result of a raid conducted by Multinational Force in Iraq jetfighters at al-Khalawiya area southern Kirkuk. (end) sbr.hb KUNA 122043 Jul 08NNNN