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Five foreign soldiers, several Taliban killed in Afghan violence

KABUL, June 21 (KUNA) -- One ISAF and four soldiers of the US-led coalition troops died in two separate blasts in southern and southeastern Afghanistan, the military said on Saturday. In the first incident, four coalition soldiers were killed in a blast in Kandahar province in the southern zone of Afghanistan. No further details were given. The province was scene to a massive anti-Taliban operation two days back. In a second such incident, one ISAF soldier was killed and another four wounded when their patrol hit a roadside landmine in southeastern Afghanistan.
The explosion took place in Paktika province, bordering the tribal areas of Pakistan, in the midnight, said the statement from NATO headquarters in Kabul. "Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with the family and friends of the brave soldier who was killed today," said ISAF spokesperson Brigadier General Carlos Branco.
In yet another operation, the Afghan security forces assisted by the US-led coalition troops killed Several militants Shah Walikot disrtict of Kandahar province.
The coalition troops said they were on patrol along with Afghan security forces when ambushed by militants using mortars and small-arms fire from a nearby mountainside.
The coalition and Afghan forces responded with small-arms fire killing several militants. No coalition or Afghan soldier was killed or injured in the clash, said the military. (end) gk.rk KUNA 211412 Jun 08NNNN