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Iraqi army officer assassinated along with his family in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, June 15 (KUNA) -- An Iraqi security source reported here on Sunday that unknown gunmen stormed the house of an officer in the Iraqi army and killed him with his family members at the area of Jamaa in western Baghdad.
The source, who refused to reveal his identity, said unknown gunmen stormed into the home of an officer with the rank of captain in the Iraqi army who lives in the neighborhood west of the capital along with his wife and his mother after raining them with a barrage of bullets that injured his son, aged 12 years.
Dr. Jamal Taha, from Yarmouk Hospital, announced the arrival of the bodies of the injured victims and the boy who all sustained serious injuries.
In the city of Kirkuk, a source with the city police said that an explosive device exploded on Sunday morning that targeted a patrol of the second batch of the 15th Brigade in the Iraqi army near the fourth bridge, killing a soldier and a civilian who were near the scene and injuring two members of the patrol. (end) mhg.tg KUNA 151654 Jun 08NNNN