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MNF, Iraqi troops capture 14 suspects in Mosul

IRBIL, May 16 (KUNA) -- Iraqi and Multi-National Force (MNF) troops arrested 14 suspected terrorists during operations in Mosul, said a military source Friday.
The source told KUNA that operations also included areas near the city of Mosul, adding that the government's operation against Al-Qaeda operatives in the city, which began last Saturday and lasted to Thursday, succeeded in the arrest of 833 suspects.
About 51 suspects were released and interrogation of the rest is ongoing, affirmed the source.
Meanwhile, Major General Mohammad Al-Askari said the curfew imposed on Mosul in the hours of the day was lifted, adding that Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki ordered that those who surrendered to authoritues would not be harmed.
Maliki said that the pardon would last for ten days, indicated Al-Askari.
A delegation from Nineveh met Thursday with Maliki, who affirmed that operations were aimed at bringing peace to Mosul and all areas of Iraq.
Maliki, as well as ministers of interior and defense, arrived to Nineveh Wednesday to supervise operations against the Al-Qaeda terrorist network there. (end) sbr.gta KUNA 161317 May 08NNNN