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Malaysian deputy PM hails Kuwait''s initiative for "good life" fund

By Ahmad Al-Furaij KUALA LAMPUR, May 8 (KUNA) -- Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Mohamed Najib bin Abdul Razak praised on Thursday the Kuwaiti initiative to establish a fund for "good life" in Muslim countries that was launched in the fourth World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE).
Abdul Razak expressed to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) gratitude to Kuwait's generous initiative and contributions to improve economic conditions in Islamic countries.
Kuwait declared allocation of USD 100 million to establish the fund, calling on all regional and international funds and organizations to support the initiative.
Establishment of the fund for "good life" in Muslim countries was aimed at securing food and providing basic requirements to people in need.
The Malaysian official said holding the WIEF forum in Kuwait was of special importance due to the state's economic and political weight in the region and its active role in the Islamic world.
He said the Kuwaiti-Malaysian relations have considerably improved at all levels, namely after the recent visit by Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi to Kuwait, adding that his country is seeking to enhance cooperation with Kuwait at all levels.
He also expressed his hope that his country would receive support from Kuwaiti investors from both public and private sectors and hoped that they would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Malaysia to be one of the world financial centers.
He also hoped that ongoing consultations between representatives of the two countries' private sectors would boost trade and investment exchanges.(end) asf.sab KUNA 080958 May 08NNNN