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Three Turkish soldiers killed or wounded in fierce clashes with PKK rebels

ISTANBUL, April 27 (KUNA) -- Turkish military sources revealed here on Sunday that two Turkish soldiers were killed and another was seriously injured in violent clashes with Kurdish rebels eastern Turkey.
The Turkish Chief of Staff announced in a statement today that the clashes occurred during the Turkish army's chase of a number of PKK elements near the town of Soverin in the province of Bingol east of the country, pointing out that operations are continuing.
Elsewhere, Turkish military sources said that the Turkish army killed today a military official in the PKK organization in the Mount Kopeli in the governorate of Cirnak southeastern parts of the country, pointing out that the Kurdish rebel who was killed today was responsible for the deaths of 13 Turkish soldiers last October during violent clashes which took place between the two sides before the Turkish army incursion in northern Iraq.
The Turkish army carried out a series of air attacks on northern Iraq since the end of the ground attack into Iraq last February, where the rebels have had bases there. (end) ta.tg KUNA 272054 Apr 08NNNN