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Nasseriya city''s clashes results in 25 deaths in S. Iraq

BAGHDAD, April 19 (KUNA) -- Twenty-five people were killed Saturday in the Nasseriya city's clashes south of Baghdad, said a security source on Saturday.
Major Majid Al-Fadeli told KUNA that Iraqi security forces raided Al-Sadr office in a local market at Nasseriya city, indicated that first reports indicated that 20 gunmen were killed while four policemen and one civilian met their fates.
Forty gunmen were arrested with their weapons and guns confiscated, stated Al-Fadeli, adding that Iraqi forces were just focusing operations on the northern part of the city.
Major operations were conducted in the southern cities of Iraqi especially Basra were Iraqi forces arrested and gathered weapons from gunmen. (end) ahh.gta KUNA 200055 Apr 08NNNN