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Iraqi army forces take control of Naseriya

BAGHDAD, March 28 (KUNA) -- Iraqi army forces took control on Friday of the southern city of Naseriya in the Thi-Qaar province amid continuous military operations against armed militias in various provinces in the south.
Iraqi military commander Major Majed Al-Fadhli told KUNA that Naseriya is fully under control by "our security forces with the exception of some small areas which are currently being dealt with swiftly by our security forces." Al-Fadhli also denied that armed groups are controlling center part of the city, adding that military forces are controlling the inner, outer routes and outskirts of the city for raiding purposes.
The death toll as result of the operation is eight, six of them are from the militias, including injuries of tens of them.
Meanwhile, small scale clashes are taking place in Shatra city north of Naseriya, however the situation is under control by the Iraqi military forces, Al-Fadhli added.
On another front, in Souq Al-Shaikh town, east of Naseriya, Al-Fadhli said Iraq military forces are sweeping the area searching for armed militias.
Last night 20 armed men were injured during heavy clashes with the military forces.
Eyewitnesses told KUNA the clashes began at six o'clock p.m. local time, and bomb blasts shook the city after gun fires were heard. (end) ahh.mb KUNA 282129 Mar 08NNNN