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Kuwait MPs meet AFC, FIFA officials on sports situation

KUWAIT, Feb 9 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti parliament's youth and sports committee on Saturday met Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Chairman Mohammad bin Hammam and FIFA public relations chief on the sports situation in Kuwait.
Emerging from the meeting, Marzouk al-Ghanim, head of the committee, told reporters that the committee members had discussed with the guests sports reform laws previously passed by the National Assembly.
They also considered the crisis between the Kuwaiti football federation and the FIFA, he said, noting that the meeting had come up with clear-cut facts, mainly the AFC and FIFA approval of a 14-member Kuwaiti football federation provided that its general assembly's consent is obtained.
Both Asian and international soccer watchdogs respect all countries' sports laws and never poke their noses into their affairs unless a crisis emerges, he said.
So, they have been involved in the Kuwaiti sports situation as their help was sought by some in Kuwait, he added. (end) ms.bs.mt KUNA 092045 Feb 08NNNN