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Bosnian intent to increase troops in Iraq next month

SARAJEVO, Jan 30 (KUNA) -- Chairman of the Tri-presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nebojsa Radmanovic said Wednesday his country intended to raise the number of its troops in Iraq within the next month.
Speaking to Sarajevo Radio, he objected to calls not to raise the number of troops on grounds that this did not serve the aspirations of Bosnia in joining the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, saying that his country may be invited to become a member in this council in April.
He said Bosnia had to prove its seriousness in joining this partnership, explaining that the role of the troops in Iraq was a peaceful one, aimed at instilling security in the country.
This assistance in Iraq, he said, would support the nomination of Bosnia for NATO membership.
The Bosnian parliament is set to look into sending an additional 50 soldiers to Iraq in early February. (end) ar.ema KUNA 301621 Jan 08NNNN