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France strongly condemns latest bombing in Sri Lanka

PARIS, Jan 8 (KUNA) -- France on Tuesday issued a strong condemnation of the latest bombing in Sri Lanka that took the life of a government minister.
"France condemns in the firmest manner the attack which cost Sri Lankan construction minister DM Dassanayake his life," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Pascale Andreani said in a statement.
The minister was ambushed while driving as his car was peppered with shrapnel in the explosion. He did not survive emergency medical aid.
France said it was sending its condolences to the families of the victims of the bombing, as well as to the Sri Lankan authorities.
Last week, France held talks here with Sri Lankan government representatives, notably the Human Rights Minister, and expressed concern about the decision to end the almost eight-year-old ceasefire and also about the poor state of human rights on the island.
The French government "calls on all involved parties in the crisis "to take up the link of political dialogue again, with a view to settling this crisis," Andreani said. (end) jk.ajs KUNA 081923 Jan 08NNNN