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Kurdistan PM urges US to rein in Turkish military

By Mohammad Al-Ghazi BAGHDAD, Dec 16 (KUNA) -- Iraq Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani on Sunday called upon the US to protect the Iraqi airspace and rein in what he called "the Turkish military." Barzani held the Turkey's bombing of Kurdish villages north of Iraq a flagrant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and the international laws.
The Turkish aggression has to be denounced by the international community, among them the Security Council, Barzani told KUNA.
The Kurdish Premier lays the responsibility of the aggression on the US which he said is in charge of protecting Iraq's airspace, urging it "to take a political stand that could rein in the Turkish military so that such violation of our sovereignty would not be repeated under whatever pretext.
He asserted that "Protecting states' borders and curbing terrorism cannot be realized through violating others' sovereignty and borders." Meanwhile, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry had summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad Derya Kanbay and handed him a written protest on the Turkish bombing of Kurdish villages north of Iraq.
A Foreign Ministry statement said the raids had killed a woman, destroyed a medical unit and a school in addition to causing damage to bridges and forcing several families to flee their houses. (pickup previous) mhg.msa KUNA 162309 Dec 07NNNN