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Forty-Two Iraqis killed, 170 injured in various bombing attacks - Iraqi

medics BAGHDAD, Dec 12 (KUNA) -- Reports on the death toll from several car bombing attacks in the city of Al-Amarah, 360 kilometer south of Baghdad, varied on Wednesday, with police claiming the death toll reached 20 killed and 25 injured and Iraqi medical sources saying 42 were killed and 150 were injured.
Iraqi police sources added another car bomb attack exploded in the Al-Majar area in central Al-Amarah prior to three car bomb attacks planted in various parts of the city.
At least 30 people were killed and more than 150 injured as a result of several car bombing attacks in the city, an Iraqi medical official Dr. Karim Sowaih from Al-Sadr hospital said.
Meanwhile, hospital officials from Al-Zahra'a hospital said medics received 12 dead bodies and more than 20 people with different injuries.
The attacks took place consecutively and only minutes apart, an Iraqi security source in the city said.
Iraqi police sealed off the area of attacks and prohibited civilians from approaching the devastated area. (pickup previous) mhg.mb KUNA 122017 Dec 07NNNN