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"Iron Hammer" operation successful in pursuit of al-Qaeda in Iraq -- MNF

BAGHDAD, Nov 18 (KUNA) -- Iraqi security forces and US troops have made significant progress against Al-Qaeda in four provinces in northern Iraq as a result of the two-week "Operation Iron Hammer," a Multi-National Forces press release said.
The MNF statement, released on Sunday, said the operation to disrupt Al-Qaeda involved three U.S. brigade combat teams and four Iraqi Army divisions.
"During the operation, coalition forces and Iraqi security forces have undermined Al-Qaeda operations and discovered more than 50 caches across the Multi-National Division-North area of operations. The caches contained more than 500 mortar and artillery rounds, three tons of homemade explosives, countless IED-making materials, hundreds of anti-tank and personnel mines and more than 100 machine guns," it added.
Other than the weapons found, coalition forces and Iraqi security forces discovered various documents, related information material and detained hundreds of suspected Al-Qaeda members.
Iraqi security forces reported Iraqi citizens feel more confident and secure, it added.
"Every day the streets of Mosul are becoming more vibrant with shop keepers, as we provide increased security for the Iraqi people," said Brigadier General Moutaa Habeeb Jassim Jewab, commander of 2nd Iraqi Army Division, whose division was among those involved in the operation.
On November 11, the US army announced that it detained 200 armed men during the Iron Hammer operation which was carried out in the Diyali province, Salahiddine, Mosul and Kirkuk. (end) ahh.hm KUNA 181020 Nov 07NNNN