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Palestinian Authority refused observer status at CTBTO

By Abdelwaheb El Gueyed VIENNA, Nov 14 (KUNA) -- Efforts of the Palestinian Authority to join the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) as an observer have been reportedly thwarted on Wednesday.
A diplomatic source attending the CTBTO preparatory committee meeting, concluding today, told KUNA that the Algerian ambassador, who heads the Arab group, had proposed calling on her Palestinian counterpart to deliver a speech that reiterated his country's request to joint the organization.
However, the source said the Israeli ambassador -- backed by the delegations of the US, Canada, Australia, and the EU -- refused this proposal, saying that this was a technical organization and not a political podium from which the Palestinians, who did not have a recognized state, could make speeches.
Arab, Iranian and Malaysia delegations strongly criticized the Western states, accusing them of allowing Israel -- a non-signature of the Non-Proliferation Treaty -- to thwart all of CTBTO's efforts for the past decade, according to the source.
The treaty, CTBT, has not come into effect despite being inked ten years ago because 11 countries -- including the US, India, Pakistan, and North Korea -- refuse to ratify it, thus holding on to the option of nuclear deterrence as a means for self-defense in case of coming under attack. (end) amg.ema KUNA 141606 Nov 07NNNN