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Arab conference reiterates boycott against Israel

DAMASCUS, Nov 8 (KUNA) -- An Arab conference, held here Thursday, called for supporting and boosting Arab boycott against Israel as an illegal self-defence method that matches international law.
The 79th conference was attended by liaison officers of Arab regional offices of boycott against Israel. At the wrapping-up of the gathering, participants from 14 Arab countries, including Kuwait, stressed the importance of Arab and Islamic boycott against Israel as an influential force to achieve just and comprehensive peace in the region and as a leverage on Israel to meet legitimacy international resolutions.
They condemned continued Israeli aggressions on the defenseless Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
In their final communiqu{, they also denounced resumed Israeli excavations at the al-Aqsa Mosque.
The conferees called on the UN Security Council to put the squeeze on Israeli occupation authorities to stop the ceaseless Israeli desecration of sanctuaries in the occupied Palestinian territories.
However, they emphasized that just and total peace is a strategic Arab option, pointing that peace can be achieved only when Israel pulls out of all occupied Arab territories, allows Palestinian refugees to return home and accepts a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
The conference also enunciated emphatic static against Israeli threats of using force against Syria, emphasizing its claim to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
Concerning Iraq, the conferees supported Iraq's sovereignty, independence and stability, and opposed to foreign interference in its internal affairs.
But, they called on all Iraqi factions and Arab countries to do their utmost to ensure Iraq's security and stability, thus eventually leading the suffering Iraqi people to lead better lives.
Provocative Israeli threats against Lebanon were also condemned during the anti-Israeli Arab gathering, supporting Beirut's claim to Shebaa Farms.
They also patted the Sudanese government on the back for having adopted recent peaceful steps that could lead to an end to the Darfur standoff, a cessation of infighting and national dialogue among warring factions. (end) tk.mt KUNA 081612 Nov 07NNNN