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Iraqi authorities shut down parties allied with Turkish-Kurd rebels

IRBIL, Nov 3 (KUNA) -- Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) began Saturday shutting down offices of parties allied with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in territories under its authority.
In a press release, KRG said it had closed the offices of the Democratic Solution Party of Kurdistan (PCDK) because it did not have a license to operate.
The decision to close down the offices of all parties allied with the PKK was made, and PCDK's offices were part of this plan, added KRG.
Established in 2003, PCDK is headed by Dr. Faik Gulpi and was not granted proper authorization from KRG, but it has a permit from Iraq's central government. PCDK had participated in Iraq's parliamentary elections without winning a single seat.(end) sbr.ayh KUNA 031731 Nov 07NNNN