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Head of the Green Party refuses to associate terrorism with Islam

By Abdelwahab El-Gueyed VIENNA, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- Head of the Green Party and National Spokesman Alexander Van der Bellen said he is against the attempts of some bodies to associate Islam with terrorism.
Der Bellen told KUNA that it is in everybody's favor that 400,000 Moslems living in Austria do not turn into hostages as a result of the acts of a few extremist Moslems in the country.
He said the Austrian Green Party, the third largest party in Austria, has expressed its support for the Islamic community in many gatherings.
The eminent politician praised the initiative of the Austrian President Heinz Fischer to organize a reception for the representatives of the Islamic community in Austria and considered it an example to promote Inter-religious and cultural coexistence.
On the Middle East, he hoped the initiative by US President George Bush to hold a peace conference at the end of November would be a success, noting that the situation in the Middle East "is critical and warns of many surprises." On Iraq, he said the US is facing a hard time there, but warned of grave consequences if the US troops withdrew from Iraq in light of the current escalations in the country that could lead to a civil war.
Der Bellen said, naturally he did not wish for the presence of occupation forces in Iraq but there is no alternative to these forces at the current time. (end) maq.hm KUNA 311040 Oct 07NNNN