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Blast in Diyala, US forces storm into Al-Sadr City

BAGHDAD, Oct 17 (KUNA) -- An Iraqi soldier was killed and four others were wounded when a booby-trapped car exploded on Wednesday in the Diyala province north-east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
An Iraqi police source told KUNA a booby-trapped car exploded this morning when a patrol of the Peshmerga Kurdish forces was passing by near the Bahiza village in eastern Diyala.
The blast killed a Peshmerga soldier and wounded four others who were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment, the source added.
Meanwhile, Iraqi police and eyewitnesses said US and Iraqi forces stormed into Al-Sadr City in eastern Baghdad this morning.
The troops backed up by helicopters were targeting a house in Al-Sadr City. The troops arrested a number of people after surrounding the house for over an hour and then left the area without any confrontations.(end) ahh.hm KUNA 171323 Oct 07NNNN