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Statement calling for Palestinian national unity to counter Israel

GAZA, Sept 30 (KUNA) -- The head of the dismissed Palestinian Prime Minister's Diwan, Dr. Mohammad Almadhoon, on Sunday urged all Palestinian factions to form a national unity cabinet or advisory council for the sake of facing up to challenges coming from occupation forces.
Almadhoon called on officials and policy makers, in a statement he issued, to revive the field work committees and joint operations chambers to work together to achieve national reconciliation and face up to any threats.
He called for coordinating the work of all in order to form this new leadership representing all factions.
He urged Fatah and Hamas to return to the negotiation table and "accept one another after bringing to a halt their disputes." "Everyone should work together in order to achieve the unity within the Palestinian ranks and prevent further inter-Palestinian fratricidal bloodshed, " he said. (end) zt.eh KUNA 302029 Sep 07NNNN