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Iraq, Turkey to sign an anti-terrorism pact targeting PKK

ANKARA, Sept 25 (KUNA) -- Iraq's Interior Minister Jawad Bolani arrived in Ankara on Tuesday to discuss with Turkish officials the details of a bilateral anti-terrorism agreement.
On arrival in Ankara, Bolani stressed his government's desire to enhance cooperation with Turkey saying they were ready to address all relevant files.
Bolani noted that the Iraqis would not accept any party using Iraqi land to attack Turkey.
During the two-day official visit, previously slated for August 23, the Iraqi Minister and the officials in the Turkish Interior Ministry, the Intelligence and military commanders would address the latest security developments on the Iraqi-Turkish borders.
Last month, Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki visited Ankara where he signed a bilateral cooperation memorandum for combating terrorism.
Turkey is seeking to add a new item to the agreement allowing its forces to chase elements of the Kurdistan Labor Party (PKK) across the Iraqi borders.
By the same token, Ankara demands the Iraqi central government to hand over 150 PKK rebels, a list of which was already submitted to Baghdad.
The final agreement is expected to be signed within two weeks in case both parties agreed upon all items. (end) tb.msa KUNA 252012 Sep 07NNNN