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Iraqi, US forces kill extremist commander in Diwaniyah

BAGHDAD, Sept 15 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Special Operations Forces, advised by US Special Forces, killed an extremist company commander during an intelligence driven operation two days ago in Diwaniyah, the Multi-National Force (MNF) said on Saturday.
In a statement, the MNF said, "Reports indicate the dead insurgent leader, Najah Al-Agra also known as Abu Ali, was responsible for leading a group of more than 25 individuals who conducted mortar and small arms fire against coalition forces in the Diwaniyah area." It noted that intelligence connected the suspect and his company to various criminal activities including a July mortar attack on the coalition base in Diwaniyah and a separate attack on a coalition patrol in the same area.
"The insurgent leader aimed his pistol at the Iraqi and US forces, displaying hostile intent during the mission," it added. The Iraqi and US team members responded, killing the individual.
While on target, the team also received fire from a building to the south. The team suppressed the hostile fire with proportional and well-aimed fire. One suspicious individual was detained for further questioning during the raid, the statement concluded. (end) mhg.ema KUNA 151302 Sep 07NNNN