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Kuwaiti minister discusses local sports issues with club officials

KUWAIT, Aug 29 (KUNA) -- Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah expressed content Wednesday with the meeting he held with heads of the 14 local sport clubs, during which they discussed issues pertaining to domestic sports and players.
In response to a KUNA question at a press conference following the meeting, the minister said he sensed "great understanding and cooperation" from all participants, as well as their keenness for elevating the status of Kuwaiti sports.
Moreover, the minister, who is also Acting Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense, said the Asian Football Confederation would be contacted to obtain approval for forming a 14-member board for Kuwait Football Association -- a member from each sports club -- "which is what we deem best for Kuwaiti sports." He added, "The government stands ready to cooperate with the parliament to implement laws to achieve people's aspirations in this area," noting the many laws that had recently been passed on taking up sports as a profession and granting players sports leave.
"These laws have been discussed with the 14 clubs and we are keen on implementing them," the minister said.
Furthermore, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said a KD 15 million budget had been approved to support the system for sporting careers, adding that the cabinet formed a committee grouping representatives from several ministries to fully study grounds for granting sports leaves.
The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor will present a report to the cabinet before October 15 containing detailed procedures that are required for reforming sports laws and implementing recent laws passed by the parliament, he added.
Furthermore, the minister said that a person could not hold membership in more than one sports association or authority, and highlighted the emphasis the government placed on elevating the status of sports at the regional and international levels. (end) ayr.abd.ema KUNA 291548 Aug 07NNNN