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MNF: Syrian insurgent arrested in Mosul, N. Iraq

BAGHDAD, Aug 21 (KUNA) -- A Syrian insurgent was arrested Tuesday during busting operations in Mosul city north of Iraq, said a statement for the Multi-National Forces (MNF).
The statement noted that the insurgent was involved in smuggling foreign fighters into Iraq, backing up Al-Qaeda operatives in addition to making explosives.
The arrest was accompanied with clashes between MNF soldiers and insurgents which resulted in apprehending four terrorists.
According to intelligence reports, the terrorists were planning a massive attack on Al-Husseiniya area.
The MNF announcement coincided with the visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki to Syria which was aimed at boosting cooperation at all levels including security.
Iraqi and US accusations against Syria for harboring insurgents decreased lately due to the improvement of security in Anbar province which has common borders with Syria. (end) ahh.gta KUNA 211911 Aug 07NNNN