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Iraqi VP says Baghdad security plan no longer legal

BAGHDAD, July 26 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Vice President Tareq Al-Hashemi criticized Thursday the security plan imposed in Baghdad and said it was no longer legal after the suspension of emergency laws.
The vice president's statement comes after two booby-trapped cars went off Wednesday afternoon while civilians crowded in the streets to celebrate the Iraqi national football team's qualification for the Asian Cup finals.
Hashemi condemned all bombings that targeted the celebrations and said that there were those who were constantly trying to "obliterate any speck of hope for the Iraqi people and tried to transform their joy into pain." It is the right of Iraqis to rejoice, he said, and wondered where the "modern equipment that was imported to curb these crimes" was and why security measures had not been taken.
He demanded that those responsible for the Baghdad law enforcement security plan gave immediate clarification on the matter.
Meanwhile, the vice president had said in a meeting with US Ambassador Ryan Crocker yesterday that the Baghdad law enforcement plan was no longer legal after the suspension of the emergency laws in the country.
Hashemi's office issued a statement Thursday saying the vice president discussed with the US official the "clear violations" of human rights in Iraq and called for setting up an independent committee to draw light to the extent of this humanitarian catastrophe. (end) ahh.ema KUNA 261009 Jul 07NNNN