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Bulgaria, Serbia sign military cooperation agreement

SOFIA, July 10 (KUNA) -- Bulgaria and Serbia signed Tuesday a defense and military cooperation accord on the sidelines of Serbia's Defense Minister Dragan Shutanovitz's visit to Sofia.
Bulgarian Defense Minster Veselin Bliznakov said, at a joint press conference with Shutanovitz, that the agreement would boost the exchange of forces' expertise and information on the European and Atlantic developments and the organization of joint military training.
He emphasized that regional military cooperation is a priority of the Bulgarian Defense Ministry, adding that he will call for holding a meeting for the defense minister of southeast Europe in the beginning of 2008 to discuss the issue.
For his side, Shutanovitz thanked Bulgaria for its contribution to the process of peace-keeping in Kosovo, saying his country too is ready to participate in the efforts of sustaining security. (end) mbq.ris KUNA 101204 Jul 07NNNN