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Iraqi Government forces nab 129 suspects, attack on Dulaimi''s house

Iraqi Government forces nab 129 suspects, attack on Dulaimi's house BAGDHAD, April 14 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Government forces have carried out a wide-scale mop-up operation targetting insurgents' hideouts and arresting 129 suspects, the law enforcement command said on Saturday.
It said in a statement that a combined force of Iraqi and allied troops, over the past 48 hours, killed two terrorists and detained 129 others in Al-Karkh, Al-Kathmiah, Al-Mansour, Al-Rasheed Ghareb, Al-Rasafah, Al-A'athamiah, Al-Mahmoudiah, Al-Taji, Abu Ghbraib and Al-Madaen.
The forces located and dismantled two makeshift factories for making bombs and safely defused seven bombs, it said, adding that two members of the government force were killed and 14 others were wounded in one of the combat operations.
Elsewhere, police said five bodyguards of Adnan Al-Dulaimi, the chief of the (Sunni) Iraqi Accord Front, were wounded in an armed attack against his house in the district of Al-Jamea in the western sector of the Iraqi capital.
Police said the guards of the residence clashed with the armed attackers, one day after authorities removed concrete blocs close to the house.
They said five of the guards were wounded in the attack while the gunmen fled from the scene.
Al-Dulaimi had escaped bids on his life in the past. (end) ah.rk KUNA 141518 Apr 07NNNN