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Israel will not be transferring Palestinian funds -- radio reports

Israel will not be transferring Palestinian funds -- radio reports GAZA, April 13 (KUNA) -- Israel preceded the Olmert-Abbas meeting by announcing Friday it will not transfer any funds to Israel.
Israeli Radio reported sources in the Israeli government saying unless guarantees were made that the money would not reach Hamas, Israel would not transfer any of the Palestinian tax money collected by Israel to the Palestinian government.
Palestinian sources have estimated that Israel was holding around USD 600 million in Palestinian tax money collected for the Palestinian government.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem Sunday, according to Israeli radio.
During the meeting, Olmert will ask Abbas to stop the missile attacks on Israel and the weapons' smuggling into Gaza, the reports said.
It added Olmert would make it clear to Abbas that no Palestinian prisoners would be freed unless Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was released.
Palestinian officials have undermined the significance of this meeting as Olmert has nothing to offer the Palestinians.(end) zt.go KUNA 131234 Apr 07NNNN