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Bomb blast in northern Iraq kills two people

Bomb blast in northern Iraq kills two people BAGHDAD, April 1 (KUNA) -- Two people were killed and two others were wounded in a bomb blast in northern Iraq on Sunday, police said.
Police said the explosion occurred in a garage in the district of Al-Toz south of the city of Kirkuk. In Al-Qadisiah in Kirkuk, another bomb blast ripped through a police patrol, wounding a policeman and a civilian.
In a separate incident, two civilians were shot dead by gunmen in Al-Karamah district east of the northern city of Mosul, police said.
Authorities, meanwhile, reported detention of 26 terrorists over the past 24 hours.
In the Iraqi capital, the American general, Marc Fox, reported at a news conference, "a breach of security in the green zone," after location of two dumped booby-trapped belts in the heavily-guarded area. Two suspects were arrested.
The general said 15,000 US soldiers arrived in the country and were deployed at several positions and bases, as part of a plan to beef up the security measures. He indicated that the remaining of the 22,000-strong reinforcement force would arrive in the country by June. (end) ah.rk KUNA 011637 Apr 07NNNN