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Tunis commends Kuwaiti firms'' economic achievements in Tunisia

KUN0088 4 GEN 0246 FRANCE /AFP -HND0 ECO-TUNISIA-KUWAIT Tunis commends Kuwaiti firms' economic achievements in Tunisia TUNIS, Nov 14 (KUNA) -- Minister of Finance Mohammad Rachid Kechiche Tuesday commended achievements by the Kuwait Investment Group in field of tourism, real estate and finance in Tunisia. Kechiche, speaking to reporters after meeting CEO of Kuwait Investment Projects Company (Kipco) Faisal Al-Ayyar, said the successful investment cooperation would open new horizons for cooperation in different economic domains. He highlighted deep-rooted and distinguished relations between Kuwait and Tunisia, namely in investment sphere. Kechiche noted that the Tunisian government was providing incentives to foreign investors that would make them feel safe and secure in the North African country. Kechiche, in a separate statement to KUNA, welcomed new investment projects to be carried out by any company from Kuwait. "Cooperation is good with Kuwait and there is a legal framework that determines the work of investment companies," said Kechiche. He said Tunisia was keen on attracting further investments to back the development scheme. Al-Ayyar arrived here ealier today on top of a delegation representing Kipco within a tour to North African countries on the occasion of launching the North Africa Holding Company, which has a capital of USD 200 million. The company is designed to boost investment operations in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Egypt. (end) nm.bs KUNA 142023 Nov 06NNNN