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Six Iraqi civilians, university professor killed

KUN0024 4 GEN 0213 FRANCE /AFP -TRY6 MIL-LD IRAQ-UNREST Six Iraqi civilians, university professor killed BAGHDAD, May 24 (KUNA) -- Six civilians were injured in two explosions here and a university professor was killed in Bakuba on Wednesday. A security source from the Ministry of Interior told KUNA that a bomb exploded near the Ministry of Culture causing the injury of three civilians and damaging a car. Another bomb exploded in eastern Baghdad injuring three women, and a third one blew up near a shop close to Al-Shuhada square in Bakuba without causing any damage. Meanwhile, Iraqi Police announced Wednesday militants shot university professor Ahmad Hussain in Palestine road in Baghdad leading to his death. In Kirkuk, a militant, was injured as he was trying to attack an Iraqi Army vehicle using a hand grenade. A source from the Iraqi Army told KUNA the militant threw the grenade at the vehicle but it bounced back at him after hitting the car and then exploded injuring him seriously. The source said soldiers arrested him and moved him to a multinational medical unit at the US base for treatment. In the mean time, militants riding a civilian car kidnapped an Iraqi civilian, a brother of a famous doctor, while Iraqi Army arrested a convict in Kirkuk city. mhg.sbr.ris KUNA 241142 May 06NNNN