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Abulhasan puts "Alminbar" magazine before the Public Prosecution

KUN0054 4 GEN 0230 KUWAIT /KUNA-TUN6 MDA-KUWAIT-MAGAZINE-ABULHASAN Abulhasan puts "Alminbar" magazine before the Public Prosecution By Najem Abdullah and Fahad Al-Zamel KUWAIT, Nov 21 (KUNA) -- Minister of Information Mohammad Abulhasan Sunday put the matter of Al-Minbar magazine to the Public Prosecution on the grounds of "publishing articles that instigate rebellion and divide and go against Islamic laws and ethics with the intent of causing divide within the Kuwaiti community." The minister told KUNA "This unlicensed magazine crossed the lines with the principles of the faith and the wives of the prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him." He added "There is a decree by the ministerial council issued today that charges the ministries of Information and Commerce and Industry as well as the Ministry of Interior, each within its capacities, to hold accountable those responsible for the articles and the altogether unlicensed publication and bookstores and vendors who distribute and sell these." The minister added "Once we prove a certain printing house had in deed printed this publication, measures shall be taken against that institution as well and the matter is to be put to the Public Prosecution also. "The Ministry of Information denounces such irresponsible acts ... which go against the values of the Kuwaiti society and people," the minister concluded. (end) nas.faz.wsa KUNA 211704 Nov 04NNNN