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Shooter Khaled Al-Mudhaf apologizes for losing in Olympics

KUN0057 4 GEN 0203 KUWAIT /KUNA-NKT3 SPT-OLYMPICS-KUWAIT-SHOOTING Shooter Khaled Al-Mudhaf apologizes for losing in Olympics (With photos) KUWAIT, Aug 15 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Shooter Khaled Al-Mudhaf expressed apologies on Sunday for losing the shooting competition in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. In a press release sent to KUNA, Al-Mudhaf said that he had no luck to win one of the three medals for Kuwait, noting that other shooters in the competition were more experienced. He placed sixth in the shooting competition with 141 points after failing to hit five targets. Kuwaiti Minister of Energy and chairman of the Asian Olympic Council Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad praised the performance of Al-Mudhaf as one of the best six shooters in the world. Chairman of the Kuwaiti Shooting Club Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud also praised the performance of Al-Mudhaf, noting that ranking sixth among the best shooters in the world should make Kuwait proud of its athletes. The shooting competition included five rounds held for two days. Every round included 25 targets to hit. The golden medal was won by Russia with 149 hits out of 150, second place was for Italy with 146 hits, while the third place was for Australia with 145 hits. (end) bs.aam.fhd KUNA 151930 Aug 04NNNN