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Mastermind of bombing attempt against US embassy arrested

KUN0087 4 GEN 0165 KUWAIT /KUNA-PUY5 SEC-LEBANON-U.S. Mastermind of bombing attempt against US embassy arrested BEIRUT, Dec 12 (KUNA) -- Lebanese Army intelligence on Friday arrested the mastermind of a bombing attempt against the US embassy in Lebanon. A Lebanese military source told KUNA a man identified as Mahdi Al-Hajj Hassan was arrested for questioning over planning to deliver a package containing explosive material to the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. The Lebanese army had apprehended Abd Mreish, Lebanese and a Palestinian, identified as (A.S.) for carrying explosives within the US Embassy headquarters in Okar suburb. Mreish was carrying a bag containing 1.5 kilograms of explosives, uncovered at an explosive detecting machine. Al-Hajj Hassan was arrested after Mreish and his Palestinian companion admitted he had asked them to detonate the explosives inside the embassy building. The package was found to contain explosive material, and it was deactivated without incident. (end) es.bas.mab KUNA 122107 Dec 03NNNN