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Bomb explodes at French military facility in Nice

KUN0050 4 GEN 0189 KUWAIT /KUNA-KVD8 MIL-FRANCE-BOMBING Bomb explodes at French military facility in Nice PARIS, Oct 10 (KUNA) -- A bomb exploded early Friday outside a French military barrack in the southern French city of Nice, causing one injury and minor damage, security sources confirmed. The explosion took place at around 06.00 local time, damaging doors to the barracks and shattering nearby windows. The injured person was a civilian who worked nearby. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast but suspicions are likely to fall on Corsican separatists who have been especially active these past months. While the separatists, grouped around the National Front for the Liberation of Corsica (FLNC), mostly attack French targets on the Mediterranean Island, they do occasionally move on to the mainland for high profile attacks in times of increased tensions. The failure of recent initiatives by the conservative government - including a referendum that went badly wrong for French authorities - has led to an upsurge in clashes on the island and to increasing violent attacks against police and Gendarmes posted there. (end) jk.mab KUNA 101323 Oct 03NNNN