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  Conditions of Using Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Website

This website is prepared by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) in order to present non-biased local and foreign news articles, pictures, researches, studies and political, economic, social and cultural statements and other. The subscriber to the services provided by the website shall comply with the following terms and procedures.


1.    By using this website, you agree to be bounded by these terms. If you do not completely agree to these terms, your access to this website is considered as permission and you should stop using it immediately.

2.    KUNA reserves the right to amend these terms whenever it wishes.

3.    You agree to use this website for legitimate purposes only. You will not use this website to send or broadcast any article that may violate or trespass the rights of others or limit or prevent their usage of this website. You may not use this website for any matter that imply illegitimate matter or to threaten, abuse or malign others or trespass the privacy of others or the publishing rights of others, or for any subject that includes dirty words or insult or profane religions and sacred places; that are unacceptable for any reason, or that may encourage the committing of any crime or violation that may arise a civil penalty or breach any law.

4.    You are not allowed to copy, re-produce, publish or broadcast in any method the articles of this website except for personal non-commercial use. (This condition does not apply on press entities and newspapers, provided that they refer to their source "KUNA").

5.    You are not allowed to amend the existed article to create a new one or to use the same for any purpose other than for personal non-commercial use. Subscribers to the Pictures Service are not allowed to re-send the pictures to any third party to be used for other purposes, whether commercial or other.

6.   The article in this website appears As It Is, without any explicit or implied affirmations or guarantees for being valid for any specific purpose, appropriate for any other article, free of any violations to others' rights or for being honest or true.

7.    You explicitly agree to use this website on your own liability and you shall bear all risks arising thereof. You agree that neither KUNA nor any of its people or employees who work on the article in this website do not give any guarantees that the service of the website would be continuous or free of any mistakes; that any existed defaults would be corrected or that the website or the means for presentation are free of viruses or software bugs.

8.    You may not recover any previously-paid subscription fees for any reason. In case it becomes confirmed that the delay in providing the agreed-upon service to the subscriber is caused by the service operator at KUNA, the subscriber shall have the right to submit a complaint to the competent authority at KUNA upon the occurrence of any fault or delay. In this case, KUNA will compensate the subscriber and provide extra subscription period from the date of notification, according to each case separately.

9.    KUNA website shall save the information of each member in highly-effective databases and protected systems. You agree that the website keeps and uses your personal information through its specific divisions only. You agree that we will not to disclose such information to any other commercial or non-commercial institutions or companies save pursuant to a clear approval from you. You agree that the website shall not be liable for any leak of all or part of the information of any member as a result of rubbery or destruction by internet thieves and attackers. The website or any of its officers shall not bear any liability on the damage or loss of these information for any reason. You agree to complete your information in the website without any return. You agree that the website shall have the right to suspend the free benefits given to membership subscribers at any time without previous notice.

10.    Neither KUNA nor any other person that participates in preparing, producing or distributing any article in this website shall bear any liability for any direct or indirect, material or moral damage that arise from using or failure to use this website; from any error, omission or default therein; from the invalidity of any presented information or as a result of any delay or suspension of broadcast.

11.    You agree to compensate KUNA for any loss that it may encounter as a result of using this website by you.

12.    All rights in this website, including publishing and author rights and information and website's content property rights are owned by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and are used in accordance with the law.

13.    These terms are governed by the regulations of the State of Kuwait and Kuwaiti courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising out of these terms.

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KUNA publishes a book titled (His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah: A Humanitarian Leader) to commemorate the UN honoring of Kuwait's leader

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